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About FairTax.US

At FairTax.us, our grassroots mission is to develop a comprehensive directory of businesses, owners and entrepreneurs who are championing the passage of FairTax legislation.

Think of FairTax.us as the "red white and blue" pages - a business directory with the goal to be the definitive go-to resource for businesses across the country that support the cause of FairTax reform. Businesses are in a unique position to help educate both their employees and their customers on the benefits of the FairTax. As the directory grows, we will develop resources specifically to aid in these efforts. We will also be working hard to put your business out in front of FairTax supporters and encouraging them to help your business thrive.

This free listing takes just minutes to complete and creates a link back to your business with your contact information and a description of the goods and services you provide. Register Now or Log On to edit your profile.

As a FairTax supporter, wouldn't you prefer to patronize and support the businesses in your community that believe as you do, that we must change the way we fund our federal government by implementing the FairTax, a smarter tax collection system? We thought so. And by supporting each other in this cause, we have an even better chance for success.